Diversity in University of Denver


The University of Denver, a private university located near the Rocky Mountains. With nearly 1,400 students from outside the US. Students come to DU from countries such as Angola, Canada, China, Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. DU in hope to build a campus environment in which all are welcome. “Everyone must be welcomed and treated with dignity and respect…every person’s story must be honored.” Chancellor Rebecca Chopp said this statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence.

DU’s Diversity Resource

Center for Multicultural Excellence foster inclusivity and diversity in DU community. It supports students and faculty with campus events, intergroup dialogues, and other resources.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion addresses cultural challenges that impact our academic experience. It aids students and faculty in advancing diversity in our intellectual environment.

Campus life and Inclusive Excellence helps to create a safe, inclusive on-campus environment. They assist students and parents from all backgrounds as they join DU community.

Affinity Groups

The University of Denver supports different groups representing the diversity of our community. For undergraduate groups, we have Black Student Alliance, Asian Student Alliance, Latino Student Alliance, Muslim Student Alliance and so on. From student organizations to faculty and staff associations, DU hopes to foster and support affinity groups of all kinds.

Why DU?

A few days ago, I conducted a survey among 50 international students. The survey is in order to figure out the reason why they came to the U.S specifically to DU. When they talked about the reason why to come to the U.S. 22% students said their parents force them to do so. 24% students said they want to escape from the schooling system in their country. 26% students said they want to experience the American culture. 28% students said they want to master a different language. Learn the different language and experience a different culture is the top 2 reason for an international student to study abroad.

With DU’s excellent study abroad program, around 70 percent of DU students study abroad during their college year. We have around 150 different programs for students to choose.  Fully immersing yourself in another culture is the best way to understand it, and the perspective you received from another country can be a treasure through your life. Studying abroad is a chance to broaden your perspective and make personal connections on a global scale. That is the reason why DU promote study abroad program as an essential element of the college experience.


An interview with one of member in Kappa sorority


Ivy song who is an international student in DU. Study international relationship as a major. She joins in a sorority in her second year, she is a super energetic person and tells a lot about her stories happen in DU.

Q: When we get into a new environment, it is hard for us to accept culture from others. How did you decide to enter the Greek life in American culture?

A: “It was my roommate, she rushes me into her sorority at that time. Her sorority is an Asian American sorority. And she was the only American in that sorority. I felt very excited to get in touch with a new challenge. You know to join in a sorority is not an easy thing. You need to spend time communicating with people you met for the first time. You also need to understand the sorority in the rush week.”

Q: So did you got some difficult times at the first?

A: “Yes, it was difficult at the first. I need to balanced the study time with the time I use to meet with my sisters. But the most difficult things is the culture, it was hard for me to understand what they are talking about and their culture. Even now, I cannot tell that I am fullying immersed in American culture.”

Q: How do you see your experience in DU? And what do you think international student group in DU?

A: “ I think it is precious for me. At least I do not regret everything I made. I think international students make the DU more diverse. International students bring new ideas and worldviews into the American classroom which helps the local students learn more about the world.”

Q: In the end, can you tell something about your study abroad experience?

A:“I think study abroad helps me become a real adult. When one day I have to book a flight by myself and handle everything by myself in a foreign country. It really practices me a lot.”


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The World of Twitter #1

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Check out #DigitalJournos to see what is important through the week. Below are some news from local Colorado, national issue, and world issue.

Denver city, bike-friendly or car-friendly?

With 1,000 people moving to Denver every month. Traffic is already a mess and is expected to worsen.

In Denver, the Public Works installs an additional 15 miles of bike lanes a year. There are more than 150 miles of on-street bike lanes and more than 100 miles of paved trails. But only 2.2 percent commuters (downtown 6.6) use a bicycle as a tool. Denver today is a very western city, and its built for cars. Although the government devoted to build bicycle infrastructure, the inconvenience environment still exists, especially in the downtown area. Also become more bike-friendly means less car-friendly. It is a huge problem for the governor to balanced this question right now.

New travel restrictions

The Trump administration has unveiled new travel restrictions to replace the controversial travel ban earlier this year. The list is Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

However, the Supreme Court said it will not hear oral arguments on the travel ban as scheduled on October 10. Because the new travel ban applies in different ways to different countries, legal challenges may need to start fresh in lower courts and it needs to be discussed.

Best Health Care System in the world

Dig into the health care system of eight countries which have the best health care system in the world: Canada, Britain, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia and the U.S.

Health care system varies from countries, some relying heavily on government which was normally known as “single-payer“. some relying more on private insurers; others in between.

Getting to know the differences health care system in the world and learned from them is good for the United States to get improvement. Check this article and pick your favorite health care system.

White House: ‘We have not declared war on North Korea’

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders rejected North Korea’s foreign minister said Trump’s words are clearly a declaration of war. Sanders response to Trump’s tweets about North Korea and said it is not a war declearation.

Sanders said it’s “never appropriate” for a country to shoot down another nation’s aircraft over international waters. “Our goal is still the same,” she said. “We continue to seek the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Stop Emotional Eating right now

Sometimes your are eating not because you are hungry but due to emotional. Eating can be a powerful distraction from uncomfortable or sad feelings. Dieters have a higher risk of emotional eating.

First, when you eat because of too much works, you can stop and take five deep cleansing breaths. Clam yourself down can help you focus on your works. Second, you eat when you have relationship problems.  At this time, you need to sovle the problem directly. Third, you eat when you felt stressful. It is the most common sense in our life. At this time, allow for a daily cheat. “Allow yourself a little of what you want when you want it,” she says. “Don’t make food the enemy.”

Finally, I hope those tips will help every dieters in their life.

 Things About Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico devastating buildings with wind and flooding and wiping out the power infrastructure. More than 3.4 million people was in trouble. In Puerto Rico the population is larger than 21 states, including Iowa, Arkansas and Nevada. In Puerto Rico population has steadily declined over the last decade from 3.8 million people. After the Hurricane, the economics in Puerto Rico become extremely vulnerabe. The unemployment in Puerto Rico remains highest in the United States. We hope the United States will try out to help Puerto Rico through this difficult period.


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#DUStories Love to be a pioneer: 10 things to know about DU

As an international student from China, back to China during the summer break for three months is the most exciting things for me. I used to go back to my hometown twice a year, to meet my family and friends.

However, I sometimes miss the life in Colorado a lot. Every time when I back to the University of Denver in the fall, it reminds me of my first time get in here. The Colorado sunshine around this city, people here are all excited about their life. There is no restrict, no rules, just be yourself and do whatever you want in here. Everyone can be a pioneer in the University of Denver. As a student study in media and Journalism, I spent a week to record those greatest moments around the campus.


School  spirit:

Our school’s athlete always holds a great team spirit during the competition. “Go pioneers” is one of the slogans for all the members of DU. Also, we have professional video recorder and equipment to rebroadcast the whole competition. Every quarter, we have all kinds of the athletic event on campus. If you are interested in athletic event definitely go and check it online.

Favorite food/drinks place:

The best way to enjoy the Colorado sunshine is to sitting in a coffee shop brought a hot coffee and book. My favorite drinks place is located opposite the business school called lost coffee. The reason why I like it most not only because they have the best green tea latte but also the french window in front of the coffee shop.


Student on the street:

Time goes so quick, after the summer break, we all have to face school work again in the fall. So what is the most exciting things about students on campus? Lee who is already senior students in DU will be soon graduated after this quarter. What will happen after graduated from the university, maybe take a long break? Who knows, just do whatever you want.

Academic excellence:

Walking through the hallway of the Daniels College of business. A wall of dean’s list come into my notice. The University of Denver always keeps a great academic environment for students. It must be so proud to be named by dean’ list. So thanks to those hard-working individuals to make our community much better.

Fall fun:

It is so fun to walking randomly on the street. And you see the sun is facing directly to you. You felt so warm and exciting about this moment. That is the picture I shoot under this situation. The sunshine makes me feel little dizzy, but this is Denver, this is what it looks like.

Scenic spot:

When I first entered the University of Denver, I was amazed by the beautiful scene I saw. I mean the beauty is all around the campus. Each spot can take different views of the University. I am so grateful to study in such a nice school with such a nice environment that I never had before. This picture is my favorite picture in DU. The shadow of the tree and the color of the sky is the best scenic spot I captured in DU.

Extracurricular extravaganza:

Richi Center is the best resources for all the DU students to get for free. There are various fitness classes for students to attend. The swimming pool is open to the public. Zumba class is the most popular class and it happens every Monday. People attend this class as if they are attending a big dance party. The dances are simple and easy to learn. No matter what you are professional or not, in Zumba class you just be yourself. Everyone is a dancer. “Always love yourself unconditionally” is the quote from the teacher of Zumba class. She is a super lovely teacher that always encourage her students to be confident.


A few days ago, I made a video about the day of school. And this is my favorite episode from my video. I recorded it through my apartment, I got the best view of the school from my room. So I decided to record the changing of the night scene of the school. I made this video faster so we can see the changing of the light the clouds directly.

top three favorite tweets by your classmates.

I like this picture a lot. I just like this shadow and the combination of the color from the windows. I think it is must be a great place to study, I want to go at one day.

I think Zoe took a great picture of her feet. And it is really fit what she tweets. I feel free when I saw this picture. I can even imagine that she lay on the car seat chating with others. That’s so nice!

I think this tweet is creative, she made a good video of herself. And this video shows us how busy her first week was by the quick movement of her body. It is visual.

Five replies I made to other students’ scavenger hunt tweets:

Biological System: Human kinetic system

Human kinetic system explains how the human body works during work out. In another word, it is a system to tell you how the calories burn during fitness and how can we get a healthy body after knowing this system.

1. Elements:

Human body

aerobic exercise

anaerobic exercise

basal metabolic rate

2. How they connect:

There is two exercise in the fitness system: aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is to help the body burning fat. Aerobic exercise includes swimming, running, yoga and so on. During the aerobic exercise, the human body needs plenty of oxygen in order to consume the sugar, fat, and amino acids to generate energy for human needs.

Anaerobic exercise is to help the body increase in muscle. Anaerobic exercise includes equipment sports, weightlifting and so on. During the anaerobic exercise, the human body consume mainly on sugar, not fat and protein.

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the minimal rate of energy expenditure per unit time by endothermic animals at rest. In other words, basal metabolic rate is the calories that human consumed when lying on the bed for all day. Basal metabolic rate is very important in the kinetic system. In order to efficiently burn our fat, we need to increase the BMR so that we can consume more calories at rest. Doing anaerobic exercise can increase muscle in the human body, and more muscle means higher BMR. The higher BMR means more fat will be burned at rest. You all want to lie on the bed for all day and at the same time have a beautiful body, right? So increase the BMR is the best way to do that.

3. Control/ Feedback


4. Function/ Purpose

From this systems, we can know. For a person who wants to lose weight, the most efficient way is to combine aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise and focus more on anaerobic exercise. Increase the basal metabolic rate can help a person burning more fat. In that way, people won’t easily get fat if they have a higher basal metabolic rate. So find the most reasonable training style is very important. I hope that everyone can get some tips about fitness from this system.

Sociological system: network advertising system


  • Consumer
  • advertiser
  • website
  • advertising company
  • publisher


Network advertisement is a common tool for the company to promote their products. However, we often see some network advertisement which related to our interests on websites. That is because when consumer read an interesting article on a free website, a cookie file is saved to your browser. It lets advertisers categorize the browser with an interest category. Then publishers sell advertising space on their websites and apps to advertisers.  Advertising company identifies relevant ads to place on websites visited by your browser.  Web sites charge advertisers to place ads that suit your interest category. This allows websites to offer content free to users.

Control/ Feedback




The purpose of this system is to let people know how does advertiser recognized consumer’s interest and launch the appropriate advertisement on our browser.

Ecological System: Influence of climate change


  • climate change
  • ozone layer damage
  • desertification
  •  reduce fresh water
  • lost biodiversity
  • human health


Climate change will induce many different results toward the ecological system. It may damage the ozone layer, desertification, reduce in fresh water and lost biodiversity. And all of these results have an effect on human health. The damage of ozone layer will increase the expose of ultraviolet ray. Desertification will reduce the available land for the human. Reduce in fresh water will change the quality and safety of the fresh water. Lost in biodiversity will finally decrease the multiple services of the ecological system.




The purpose of this system is to understand how much influence will climate change brings to human health. Since human health has essential relationship with climate change, we need to protect our ecological system.

Control/Feedback system: Vending machine


  • coins
  • light sensors
  • Electromagnets
  • chute
  • keys
  • computer motors
  • infrared beams
  • snacks


How does vending machine detect fake coins? The principle of the vending machine is that when coins get into the vending machine, light sensors measure the size and electromagnets detect the metal type. Then they identify the coins put it into different columns and reject the fake coins into a chute.

How does vending machine make sure you will get snacks each time? First, when you hit the keys, there is a computer motor to turn the spiral 360 degrees. As the snacks fall, it breaks infrared beams. If nothing crosses the beams the computer makes the coils turn again.




Function/ Purpose

This system tells how vending machine works and the principle of it. It is smart that people use infrared beams and light sensors to detect fake coins in the vending machine.